Classic Tracker Registration

Please complete all the details below and submit to register your tracking device. All details are kept secure & confidential and are not shared by Classic Tracker Ltd with any third parties.  

Stored Address & Contact Details

This is the address where the vehicle is normally stored. In the event your vehicle is NOT kept at a registered address, or without a formal postcode, please use the mapping tool below to denote the exact storage location.

Mobile Tel:*
Landline Tel:*

Exact SafePlace Designation

In some cases, if your vehicle is NOT located at/near the above address, please use this tool to provide an exact location of where the vehicle is stored. Using the zoom tools where necessary, please drag the red location marker to the required SafePlace location.

Vehicle Details

These details are kept secure and confidential by Classic Tracker Ltd. These details will be shared with Police in the even the vehicle is stolen to assist recovery. These details will not be shared with any third-party organisation.

Vehicle Make:*
Vehicle Model:*
Year of Manufacture:*
Registration Number:*
Unique/Ununsual Identification Detail:
Insured Value:*

Tracker Registration

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