Classic Tracker SAFEST Bundle

Classic Tracker SAFEST Bundle

Classic Trackers are offered as part of a bundle, comprising:

1. Classic Tracker

Simple three-wire, self-install covert device.

  • Standard - WIRED (2G/3G/4G) : Standard 2/3 & 4G tracker with wiring loom. (65x57x20mm)

2. SAFEST Service Package

  • 1, 3 or 5 year SAFEST Subscription Included; just £199/year thereafter.
  • SIM Card Included - Global Coverage
  • Real-Time Map Tracking
  • Unlimited SafeZone Assignments
  • Remote Immobiliser 
  • SafeZone Boundary Alerts (Email/App)
  • Towing Alerts (SMS/Email/App)
  • Power Tamper Alerts (SMS/Email/App)
  • Battery Health
  • As SAFER plus 24/7 Incident Interaction with UK Police in the event of theft

3. Vehicle Immobiliser Pack

Disable your car's movement in the event of theft. Includes a 40A 12V Ignition Relay with Wiring Harness and configuration of Remote Control feature for mobile app & web-portal.

Installation Guide

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