Classic Trackers are offered as part of a bundle, comprising: 

1. Classic Tracker - Simple three-wire, self-install covert device. 

  • Standard - WIRED (2G/3G/4G) : Standard 2/3 & 4G tracker with wiring loom. (65x57x20mm)

2. Optional-Install Immobiliser

3. SAFER or SAFEST Subscription (1, 3 or 5 years) All service options are available with any variant of Classic Tracker.

3-Wire Self-Installation
First Year Bundle (inc. 4G tracker , immobiliser pack and first year subscription)
Annual Subscription Fee
24/7 UK Nationwide Police Support (per incident)

Remote Vehicle Immobiliser
2-Way Tracking: GSM/LBS & GPS/GLONASS
24/7 Monitoring
Worldwide Coverage
Anti Jamming
Tracker Internal Battery
Towing Alerts
Vehicle Battery Disconnect Alerts
Low Battery Alerts
Vehicle Battery Status Indicator
Multiple SafeZones

Service Features

  • SafeZone Assignment: A zone is assigned to where the vehicle is normally stored. When the vehicle moves out of this SafeZone, an alert is sent to you. Single or multiple SafeZones can be configured at no extra cost. 
  • Remote Control Vehicle Immobiliser: In the event your vehicle is stolen, open the app or log onto the web-portal and disable the ignition or fuel pump. 
  • Real-Time Map Tracking: Access the whereabouts and status of your classic vehicle at any time using the via mobile app or web browser.
  • Incident Interaction with UK Police: In the event your vehicle is stolen we will provide the designated control-desk with a secure login to enable the Police to recover your vehicle. All we need is the crime-incident number, which is provided to you upon reporting the stolen car. We operate this service on a 24/7/365 basis. 
  • Alerts: Alerts are sent via SMS (text message), email or in-app. So whether you're using the latest smart-phone of an older-style mobile, you will always receive a notification. 
  • Coverage: Worldwide (subject to availability of GSM coverage/operator availability - please enquire) 

Tracker Features 

  • Self-install: Requires only three connections; Permanent supply, Ground and Ignition. 
  • Power Conservation: After five minutes of inactivity, all out trackers are put into a GPS sleep mode to preserve your vehicle battery.
  • Vehicle Battery Threshold Alerts: We have configured our trackers to ignore low battery crank voltages; typical of classic when starting after a long period of rest. This means you will not receive unwanted alerts when starting your classic. If the battery powering the Classic Tracker is below a level to power the device, you will be notified however.
  • Tracker Battery Back Up: Present in all devices as standard. The battery-backed GPS tracker will continue to report its whereabouts even in the event of external power removal. Due to the power preservation mode, an un-powered tracker is still able to report its whereabouts for many hours.