Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How is it different to the trackers I see on Ebay and other auction sites?
A. There are a plethora of options in the world of trackers. From consumer Bluetooth mesh fobs to advanced fleet management trackers which use satellite communications to report their location when at sea. Our service has been intentionally built for the preservation and rapid recovery of classic cars and bikes. We've focused on how people use their classics (which is rarely!), our trackers are sympathetic to classic wiring systems; supporting positive earth and 6 Volt systems, plus we've built in the ability to optionally remotely immobilise in the event of theft. We also support additional intrusion alerting. Additionally, we have selected a multi-operator SIM card which means our service provides coverage in the UK, Europe and USA/Canada. Finally, we would be very reluctant to compete on price as we believe our solution is competitively priced when a real apples-for-apples comparison is made. 

Q. If I travel away from home, will the car still be safe if left overnight? 
A. We believe so yes. We support a dynamic SafeZone technology which enables us to alert you if your car is moved with the ignition off. Couple this with our ability to provide any number of standard SafeZones (e.g. your temporary holiday home, a show or exhibition centre) means your car is always protected. This functionality extends to all regions which we cover.

Q. Will it make my insurance any cheaper? 
A. We are known to the greater majority of insurance companies in the UK. Whether your premium will reduce with the installation of 'any' tracker is typically dependent on the value of the vehicle, the needs of the insurance underwriter, but most importantly the insurance company, agent or broker who you purchase your premium from. In most instances, our customers choose to install a Classic Tracker for both peace-of-mind, but also in the knowing that there is no agreed-value insurance policy which will return their cherished classic, merely fund its replacement. 

Q. I have taken up ownership of a car which is fitted with a Classic Tracker. How do I get a login and start receiving alerts. 
A. Please register your ownership and car with us by visiting our registration area. You will require either the car registration or tracker serial number (found on the top of the tracker unit). You will 'inherit' any outstanding subscription balance from the previous owner. 

Q. Can a Classic Tracker be found by a would-be thief using a tracker detector? 
A. Tracker detectors typically rely on sensing GSM transmissions from a tracker. Classic Tracker is programmed to enter into a power-preservation mode after five minutes of inactivity (no physical movement, no ignition). As a result the GPS and GSM internal circuits are inactive, thereby making them invisible to a GSM tracker detector. 

Q. How does a Classic Tracker deal with Jammers?
A. All of our trackers feature Anti-Jamming Detection as standard. There are options on how to respond to a potential GSM jamming attack. Most of our customers who have implemented the feature (at no additional cost) use an available line on the tracker wiring-loom to drive an external relay (not supplied) which powers either the car horn or a separate hidden siren within the car. Upon the tracker sensing a GSM jamming attack, the siren or car horn sounds, thereby attracting attention to the would be thief. The moment the GSM jammer is moved away from the car a Jamming alert is dispatched to you. For more details on this function, please contact us. 

Q. Is it possible to leave the car immobilised from the app/web for a significant period? 
A. Yes you certainly can leave the car immobilised, however, that period should really be kept to several-hours and not days or beyond, primarily due to current consumption. Our tracker will go into a deep sleep mode to preserve your car battery after five minutes of inactivity (whether or not the car is immobilised). The tracker draws around 10mA in this state. However when immobilised (with the relay energised), this increases to approximately 30mA (10mA from the tracker and 20mA from the relay), thereby depleting your car battery around three times faster. Many customers report using the immobiliser in this manner without issue; immobilising the car whilst away from the vehicle, but typically for a day at maximum. 

Q. What happens if my car is stolen and then transported in a steel container or in an underground car-park? 
A. Firstly, at a practical level you will receive notification of the car being taken/moving from its SafeZone well before it is concealed; from there you can track its' movement in real time. You can also use the 'Time Machine' function to replay the journey it took to arrive at that car-park or container. In the event the GPS is challenged and unable to report its location, our trackers fall back on LBS (Location Based Service) to provide a geo-location. LBS uses simple triangulation from GSM phone masts to establish its position. 


Q. How easy is it to wire up? 
A. Our core tracking service requires just three cables: 1. Permanent Supply, 2. Ground & 3. Ignition Sense. 

Q. I have a positive earth car. Will your tracker and immobiliser still work? 
A. Yes indeed, we have numerous customers who have installed our devices in a positive-earth car. Details can be found in our installation. 

Q. Where is the best place to install the tracker? 
A. All we ask is to have the Classic Tracker logo facing upwards and that the tracker is not mounted immediately beneath, against chassis or body metalwork. 

Q. Can I share the tracker between multiple vehicles? 
A. Our Standard-WIRED tracker features a plugable cable/loom. It is possible to purchase more cables/looms than trackers. Please visit our store for more information. More specific information can be found in our installation guide which can be downloaded here. 


Q. Can more than one person receive the alerts? 
A. Yes. Alerts can be sent to multiple email recipients and in-app alerts, as more than one person can download and use your provided log-in credentials simultaneously. However, SMS (text) alerts are only sent to to a single recipient due to cost limitations. 

Q. Will I still receive alerts work when I'm on holiday. 
A. Yes, our SMS-text message infrastructure operates globally. CLASSIC TRACKER Web Portal and App 

Q. I have a Classic Tracker login, but why can't I setup my own SafeZone(s)?
A. We prefer to set up your SafeZone(s) on your behalf; just let us know prior - a postcode is generally sufficient and you can have as many as you require. We can give you the right to create your own SafeZone(s), but if a user setup the SafeZone(s) incorrectly and the alert failed to arrive, it would be difficult for Classic Tracker to be held accountable. Please contact us if this is a significant concern. 

Q. Can your service provide information in where my car has been? 
A. Yes, both our web portal and mobile app feature a 'Time Machine' function which will provide you with historic route, date & time and event information for a given period of time. Please click on Demo Login here to see this function. 

Q. How secure is your platform?
A. We use HTTPS transports across our infrastructure where possible. All customer-specific data confirms to GDPR by way of our Privacy Policy available on this website - please see link at the foot of this page. 


Q. Can I receive alerts if somebody simply breaks into my car? 
A. Yes, we offer the ability to sense when a door or boot light comes on, whereupon you will receive an alert. Please contact us for specific instructions. 

Q. Can I integrate the Classic Tracker with my existing car alarm; for instance can I receive notification by email if my car alarm goes off and I'm not near the car? 
A. Yes indeed. If your car alarm has the ability to provide a signal to our device that an alarm has been triggered, the tracker in turn will send out an alert. Please contact us for specifics.