With a Classic Tracker in place you will always know where your car is –  now protect it from fire!

Perishing fuel lines caused by increasing proportions of ethanol, overflowing carburettors or a loose wiring connection make classic cars more prone to fires than modern vehicles. And of course the hours of work on them won’t replaced by insurance. If the worst happens and an electrical or fuel fire occurs, do you have the means to extinguish it safely and quickly without putting yourself at risk? 

The Fire Safety Stick is totally different and not like any extinguisher you have seen before. Firstly it is incredibly small and light, weighing in at under 300grams. And yet, it has over 50 seconds discharge time compared to just 7 seconds from a 3.5kg powder extinguisher. Plus, it needs NO servicing whatsoever and can be used on ANY fire type. In fact, it’s proven to have a life cycle of at least 15 years and causes no damage unlike powder which is very corrosive.

Visit the web site to see the Fire Safety Stick in action and use the discount code - 102CT11V - for a discount on online purchasing.