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Classic Tracker is the UK's most trusted & secure tracking service dedicated to the preservation of classic cars.

We will liaise with the Police to rapidly recover your Classic

Services from simple SMS-text alerts to full Police Interaction in the event of vehicle theft situation.

Global Coverage (2G, 3G & 4G)
Simple 3 Wire Self-Install
Remote vehicle immobilisation via app or web
Police Incident Interaction
Vehicle Battery Tamper Alerts
Internal Battery Backup
Unauthorised Movement Alerts
Web & App Live Tracking

A three-wire, self-install tracker which uses GPS & GSM to establish and maintain the secure-status of your classic. In the event of any unauthorised movement or tampering, you receive an alert via app/SMS/email and have access to real-time information on an app or the web. Additionally, you have the ability for you to remotely immobilise your car during a theft situation.

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